This is a pen developed with the latest high technology and breaking the routine!


The patented and new ‘Free Ink’ technology, ensures the continuous free flow of the water-based liquid ink. It is transferred to the tip of the pen with the regulated distribution and control system.

In the 99 percent of the highlighters, fineliners and markers in the market, there is a chamber system in which the ink is collected in the bumper. The ink flow is not stable in this system. When the ink in the bumper begins to decrease, the writing of the pen weakens.

In the Liqeo highlighters and markers, there is no ink cartridge or seal. ‘Regulator’ working with ‘free flow technology’ without pumping and puncturing and ensuring the ink to reach to the paper regularly and continuously forms an excellent distribution and control system. It is ready for use at any moment and under any condition.

Because the continuous and fixed fluidity of the liquid ink is ensured thanks to the regulator, the pen tip never has to be forced. The polyester tip can write without deforming until the last drop of the ink.

While the ink residue of at least 30-40 percent forms in other highlighters, fineliner and markers, this rate is below 5 percent for Liqeo. Therefore, it allows for economical and efficient use opportunities. 

It is very durable with the German ink with high quality and the sensitive polyester Japanese tips. It allows for perfect writing, marking and highlighting experience.

It also has an eye-dashing and stylish design with the big pigment liquid ink chamber and wide port showing the ink level.

Most developed pen technology product

You can enjoy the smooth, fluent, soft and comfortable writing with Liqeo needle-like and tapered roller pens produced with the high technology.

This is a pen creating a difference in its field with the liquid ink in the high quality with special formula drying fast, with the tips of 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm and different color choices.