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Obligatory Legal Information, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Terms of use and definitions of the web address called belonging to Derya Ofis Urunleri San. ve Tic. A.S. are stated below. The users visiting our website are considered to accept the following conditions.

All information, tables, comments and recommendations in the website and all links directed from here are presented to the user for information. Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. has exercised due diligence so that the information in the website can reflect the accuracy and the truth. Regarding the revision or correction of the information in the website, Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. is the only authority to carry out the processes such as the revision or correction of the information in the website at any time without any notice and it has all the rights on this matter. Because some expressions used in this website can be prepared in a forward looking way, they may contain various risks and uncertainity. 

Users can only use the information and documents for obtaining information. The information contained here may not be copied, distributed, reproduced, caused to use with sub-license, changed, kept for future use, used or caused to use for commercial purpose in any way without the written consent of Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. The access to this website is free and anonymous.

It must be known that any alteration of the information in this website will cause any kinds of criminal and civil proceedings.

Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. does not accept any responsibilities due to the damages and/or losses arising from the information published in this website or the processes done based on the information or the failure to access to the website. The publication of this website does not contain any commitment on any matter to any person and/or institution. Any kinds of responsibilities related to the decision to be made in consideration of the information in this website belong to the person visiting this website.

Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. may not be held responsible due to the access to the website or any website reached by making a link from this website or the direct or indirect losses or damages to arise from their use. 

Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. may not be assigned any responsibility under any title and condition due to the failure to update the information in the website in a way to include accuracy for any reason; the delay in revision, any possible mistake or lack or change in the website. The presence of the date related to the update does not put Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. under any commitment in any way contrary to afore mentioned matters.

The rights in this website, the copyright and property right of the information or definitions (any kinds of rights such as brands, designs, images, logos, intellectual and industrial rights, etc.) belong to Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. and its partners. These rights may not be used by any natural and/or legal entity without the permission of Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. In case of the disputes to arise from the use of the information in the website and its content, this Turkish Legal Warning text will be taken as basis and in this case, Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. undertakes to use any kinds of legal rights.


There are some parts in some sections in our website where you must enter your contact details such as your name, e-mail address, fax number, mailing address to use when you want to make contact. Personal data are received in the Quick Contact Form filled by the person, only upon the request of the person. Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. definitely shows respect to the privacy of the personal information of the members and visitors in accordance with the Law on Protection of the Personal Data with number 6698. Your personal information and contact details you have entered are kept in Derya Ofis Urunleri A.S. except for legal obligations and will not be shared with the third parties. This will be enough for you to send an e-mail to us so that your personal information will be removed from our archive in case of your request.