A pioneering, innovative and leader institution, which rapidly grows and develops, whose worldwide quality embraces all the consumers, whose administrative staff consists of the professionals who are foreseeing and whose vision is open, and which always offers more than what is expected from any stationery firm.

NOKI makes production in its facilities built in a closed area of 25.000 m2 in total in Istanbul and Adapazari with its experience of 25 years and with 400 employees. It uses an innovative technology supported with R&D and applies a quality assurance system. Also, it imports thousands of products caused to manufacture with its own brand in the factories manufacturing for the elite brands in various countries around the world and distributes them in Turkey and nearby countries.

High production capacity, wide product range

We manufacture polypropylene-based, eco-friendly filing products, folders, separators frequently used in your offices, notebook and book covers, pin boards, white boards of your children. We are the most comprehensive manufacturer existing in Europe under one roof in the production of PP bags and stringed files and 15 percent of the total European market is manufactured in our facilities in Adapazari.

Noki is everywhere with its broad distribution and sale network

We put up the 1000 kinds of products developed by us constantly for sale in more than 5000 retail outlets by means of our local representations and our logistic distribution warehouses. We export to 40 countries and we have been among the companies making export the most in Turkey for long years.

Solution Partner of 25 Years

NOKI is always the closest solution partner of its customers with its qualified and broad product range, broad distribution network, quick delivery, sale support consulting and suitable prices. It continues its uninterrupted communication with the approach of ‘unconditional and definite satisfaction’.

We are trying to become more productive and more beneficial together in the journey we started in 1994 without compromising on our values and by adding something on our work and ensuring our business partners to win.